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lsl.lpsr paper @ ICMC 2018

I will be presenting lsl.lpsr as part of my PhD at the International Computer Music Conference 2018 in Daegu, South Korea. At ICMC the international computer music scene joins together for a 6-day conference, with lots of presentations and concerts, and I'm glad to be part of it again!


LS Live will pe part of the conference 'European Platform for Artistic Research in Music'. This conference is held from 22 to 24 March in Porto.

Workshop at Basel conservatory

I'm invited by Christian Dierstein to present Living Scores at the conservatory in Basel. I'll be doing an extensive presentation on Wednesday 20th. On Thursday 21th, students will propose new ideas for the platform.

Poster presentation at TCPM, Huddersfield

I'll be presenting Living Scores at the TCPM conference in Huddersfield on September 13. My poster will be presented that day, and I'll be giving a short introduction into both LS Learn and LS Live and their connection. I also look forward to hear other presentations and meet interesting researchers.