[ V I N C E N T C A E R S ]

Percussionist | Researcher | Programmer

percussion | electronics | compositions | improvisation | audiovisual

Blowdruk blends contemporary music with live visual performance. As a trio, Andy Dhondt (saxophone), Vincent Caers (percussion) and Sigrid Tanghe (visuals) premiered six new pieces, commissioned for the ensemble, at the Voorwaarts Maart festival at the Bijloke in Ghent. The works were composed by Belgian composers Benjamin Van Esser, Jelle Tassyns, Frederik Neyrinck, Claude Coppens, Frank Debruyne and Jan Huylebroeck. The project continues to explore the connections between real-time visual and musical performance, both in compositions and improvisations. Blowdruk is also implemented in the PhD research ‘Living Scores Live’.