Klaas Verpoest

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Worp Technical Rider


Required scene is minimum 6m x 4m [width x depth]


The audience can freely move around the performers


  • Beamer: 2 x 6000 Lumen / Full HD. Depending on the venue, 1, 2 or 3 beamers are required (tbc with programmer). Beamers are positioned so performers can interact with the light of the beamer on stage.
  • Table for video: dim 1.5m-1m-1m.
  • 2x HDMI from table to beamers.
  • The projection is ideally
  • Projection screen for setup with 1 beamer: screen dimension of min. 6m x 3m50 or a white cyclorama at the back of the stage. Projection on other surfaces is possible but should be discussed with the performers in advance.
  • Projection screen for setup with 2 or more beamers: screen dimension of min. 4m x 2m50.
  • A combination of both setups is possible but should be discussed with the performers in advance. Projection screens should be positioned as close to the stage floor as possible. The projection has ideally the same width as the stage.
    3x DC 220v


  • Double bass pickup: 6.3mm jack
  • Tuba microphone: XLR 48v
  • Percussion setup: condenser microphone (Sure SM81 or equivalent) + stand
  • Scene microphone: dynamic microphone (Sure wireless Beta 58 or equivalent) + stand
  • Instrument and scene microphones are used for live sampling in the on-stage live electronics setup. Therefor, all microphones should be routed to the electronics setup. Preferably a wireless system is used for all connections. Each pickup and microphone must be routed to the live electronics setup on a separate channel. If no wireless system is available, sufficiently long cables should be provided so all performers can move freely on the scene with the instrument or microphone. This requires 3x XLR cable and 1x long 6.3mm jack cable (>15m)
  • Electronics output: 2x XLR (L/R):
  • 1x stereo speaker on back of stage (both monitoring for musicians and stage output electronics)
  • 1x stereo to hall
  • Table for electronics: dim 1.5m-1m-1m.
  • Separate monitor at live electronics setup
  • 4x DC 220v


  • Travel expenses: retour flights from Brussels / Berlin to the destination of the performance for up to 6 performers, including safe transportation for a double bass and a tuba.
  • Fee: € 2400 (6 performers)
  • If no accomodation for the artists is supported by the organiser of the concert, there is an additional per diem of € 85 per person