A Year in Dark Shades

A Year In Dark Shades is an audiovisual live-performance exploring the boundaries between sonic and visual material. The work resonates with doubtfulness and resolution, reflecting the maelstrom of inner thought. Sound and image intertwine order and disorder. It’s a continuous attempt to balance both, but it graciously fails, and in doing so it creates an overwhelming audiovisual experience. It’s an invitation for the audience to wander into chaos as an order yet undeciphered.
The seasons in the suite represent an exploration in spatial audio techniques: Spring has been created while working with wavefield synthesis in collaboration with The Game Of Life, Summer and Autumn are created in the quadraphonic atelier during a residency at BAC Art Lab and Winter was created during a residency in the ambisonics studio at the Institute for Computer music and Sound Technology in Zurich. The visual aspect uses the different parameters of the music and joins them in a singular generative abstract image as an idiosyncratic visual response to the interpretation of the composition. It aims at creating an experience which oscillates between a clear synergy and a strong contrast in picture and sound.

Vincent Caers: Composition, Electronics & Performance
Klaas Verpoest: Visual Concept & Performance