Blow combines saxophone and percussion in a remarkable ensemble: the extensive possibilities of both instruments together in a vast field of surprising sounds and challenging repertoire. The ensemble was founded by Vincent Caers and Andy Dhondt in 2009. The concert series ‘Surprising Sax & Percussion’ unequivocally emphasizes innovation. It is the result of an extended exploration into contemporary repertoire as part of the master program ‘advanced studies in contemporary art music performance’ and contains music by composers such as Philippe Hurel, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Shawn Crouch and Wim Henderickx. It was performed in concert halls across Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2011 Blow won the Forte Contest, and in 2012 they were the soloist in the Belgian premiere of ‘Panic!’ by Harisson Birtwistle. Blow also recorded Philippe Hurel’s ‘A bâtons rompus’ and Benjamin Van Esser's Coalesce[3], published by ChampdAction.

Blow creates inspiring performances and thus illustrates how students become excellent musicians: an example ‘tout court’. - Luc Van Hove

Blow is a magnificent and promising duo with percussionist Vincent Caers and saxophone player Andy Dhondt. Two enthusiastic contemporary performers! - Wim Henderickx