To the Edge of Time

Time is the most mundane thing in the world. We all use it every day; we waste it, we save it, we enjoy it. It’s just out there, like a big clock, ticking away. But what is time? What’s it made of? Did it ever begin? Will it end? Does it circle around? Can we do without time?
In this lecture-performance, physicist Thomas Hertog talks about the relativity of time, accompanied by electronic soundscapes by Vincent Caers and 360° visuals by Klaas Verpoest. The project has been tailor-made for the mobile Dome of the German organization AirStructures for the KNAL! festival's Planetarium music festival, curated by STUk.

Vincent Caers: Electronics, performance & composition
Klaas Verpoest: 360° visuals & performance
Thomas Hertog: Script & performance