The Solitary One

All is matter. From the tiniest element to the largest astrophysical object, matter is at the heart of it all. But how do we unify both? Elementary particles and Black holes are seemingly incompatible, but shouldn’t we just look differently? Holographic Duality presents an artistic tribute to the work of Juan Maldacena. Starting from the tiniest elements in sound and vision – particles and glitches – the work attempts to bridge the gap between string theory and a black hole. Sonic matter activates resonating objects, but also fills the dark place in the center of the sound world. Visual matter surprisingly reveals a vibrant hidden world through unexpected interactions. While both seemingly develop independently, they unavoidably collide in an audiovisual explosion. But is this the end, or only a new beginning?

Especially for the honorary doctorate celebration event of KU Leuven in 2022, Holographic Duality was created as a tribute to the honorary doctorate of Juan Maldacena.

Vincent Caers: Composition, Electronics & performance
Klaas Verpoest: Visual & performance